Licensed by the Federal Communications Commission, WDSG began broadcasting June 6, 2003, the first radio station of its kind in North Carolina. (Low Power FM)

Our history goes like this:  Thomas Burke Buchanan and his wife, Lucille P. Buchanan, furnished the equipment and its installation to begin this local radio station.  WDSG is located in downtown Sanford at 207 Gordon Street.  The purpose and goal of WDSG is to promote Sanford, Lee County, and surrounding areas, the people, businesses, and to give the community a locally owned Christian FM radio station that would bring local news and share great music.

WDSG stands for We Do Sanford Good and is at the very top of the FM dial, 107.9 in Sanford.  On the air 24/7, WDSG features programming to include gospel music, easy listening/big band music from the 30’s through the 60’s, and now great classic Carolina beach music.  Local news, public service announcements, guest interviews and community calendar events, are part of our live broadcasts each week.

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